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by Neil Hawes
Whitton Choral Society
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There are some amazing health benefits of singing - there are a number of rigorous scientific studies that prove benefits to both mental and physical health, particularly from singing in a choir - please click here for more details.

Hayley Westenra: (well-known singer) “Singing’s great for your health - it’s stress relieving, it’s calming, it’s good for posture as well...”

Phillip Tolley: (“British Choirs on the Net”) “There are so many benefits to singing. As well as health benefits there are educational benefits in literacy and numeracy, social skill which come with listening and blending with others and it is multi-cultural, multi-racial, non-ageist, community spirited, sociable and fun!”

Sharon D. Clarke: (judge for “Last Choir Standing”) “Anybody and everybody [can sing in a choir]! But you’ve got to work at it. It’s not enough to say I’m here and I’m singing. You’ve got to be listening, you’ve got to be trying to grow... challenging yourself. You’ve got to be stretching yourself…”


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